Week of 4-13 through 4-20

This week has been sort of stressful. I’m really tired of online classes. I miss in person classes sooo much! Good news, while I was digging through art supplies from previous courses I found two more N95 masks. I’ve been watching the glaze tutorials and there are aspects that I enjoy but there are a lot of details about the chemistry of glazing materials that don’t mean much to me. It is interesting material but I don’t feel like I’ve learned anything that I can apply in the studio yet. I’ve been desperate to be out of the house for something other than work so I’ve been going to different parks a couple days a week. I went to the falls of the Ohio the other day and found a giant log that looks like a hot dog in a bun. Then on Saturday I went to Charlestown road state park and walked a trail. I unknowingly chose the second most difficult trail but it was good exercise and lots of fun. I’ve also spent a great deal of time playing with my cats. My dog Buffy had a rough week. She had an injury to the side of her face and I had to put a cone on her while it healed. Anyway, I miss pre-covid world.

Hotdog log
Charlestown state park
Confusing my cat by surrounding him with stuffed animals
Buffy wearing her cone of shame

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